FRP Door Accessories

Tiger Door offers a complete line of FRP accessories to enhance, compliment and complete the FRP openings. These accessories described below include Screwless Vision Light Kits, Louvers, Applied Moulding Appliques and FRP Thresholds.

Screwless Vision Lights Kits

If you’re looking for non-fire rated FRP doors with a clean, vision light system, your search is over. Tiger Doors Screwless Vision Light System is a unique snap-together installation design that gives you a smooth, clean look without the need to use exposed fasteners.

  • Pultruded sloped loose stop profile for limited dust/dirt accumulation
  • Fully “welded” corners on vision light stops to eliminate seams
  • Vision light stops can be painted to match door or a complimentary color
  • Doors with vision lights can come fully glazed from the factory, or shipped loose for field glazing at the jobsite
  • Public side loose stops permanently affixed to door to provide maximum security
  • Screwless Vision Light System can accommodate any type of 1/4"- 3/8" thick or 3/4" to 1" thick glazing material


Tiger Door offers two types of FRP louvers that can be integrated to our non-fire rated Commercial and Heavy Duty FRP door series.

Both styles of louvers come factory installed, and can be supplied with a fiberglass bug/insect screen. Louvers can be painted to match the color of the door or, when desired, with a different color.

Standard sizes are 12” x 12”, 18” x 18” and 24” x 24”. Custom sizes are available. Consult the factory with your specific project requirements.

Flat Blade

The first is a flat blade design made from FRP flat stock that provides excellent airflow while keeping out the rain and snow.


The second is a V-blade design made from FRP angle stock that provides excellent air flow, protection of the elements, and visual privacy.

Applied Moulding Applique

When your project calls for a more decorative look, Tiger Door offers an applied moulding appliqué system to enhance the appearance of the standard FRP door. These appliqués can be applied to any of our FRP door series including our 1-1/2 hour UL fire rated construction.

You can choose a standard 2, 4 or 6 panel look, or create your own unique design. Appliqués can be placed on one or both sides.

Appliqués are provided factory bonded to the face or faces of the door prior to finish painting.

Standard sizes available for individual appliqués include the following. Custom size appliqués are available by special order.

FRP Thresholds

If your FRP opening requires a threshold, Tiger Door can provide its own pultruded FRP threshold. These thresholds are ½” high x 5-1/2” wide and are drilled, countersunk, and cut to size up to 20’ maximum length. Flat head threshold mounting anchors are provided based on the floor type specified at the time of order.

Standard color for these thresholds is gray, but they can be painted any color desired with our two part semi-gloss polyurethane coating.

Tiger Door’s FRP thresholds also can be coated with a grip surface to meet anti-slip requirements. Specify at time of order.

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