Quick Ship Program

Tiger Door fiberglass door systems are engineered and manufactured to withstand the most corrosive environments with a stile and rail construction. The same great product you love, with a limited offering. Tiger Door FRP Quick Ship doors are constructed with a polypropylene honeycomb core (PPC) surrounded by a pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and midrail sub-frame. Tiger Door Quick Ship doors are shipped fully prepped for hardware and come with a lifetime warranty!

Every Tiger Door comes with a limited lifetime warranty and provides excellent service life and corrosion resistance for the most severe environments.

Ordering Details

Available sizes include:

6070 Doors and Frame, Doors Only, or Frame Only

3070 Door and Frame, Door Only, or Frame Only

Maximum order size: 10 openings

Doors are fully prepped for hardware as selected on PDF

Semi-gloss urethane topcoat finish in 3 colors

Standard door construction (no Fire-Rated or Storm-Rated doors available within the Quick Ship program)

NOTE: Deviation from these offerings will place order into standard program with standard lead times (standard lead times vary depending on production capacity and order complexity. Please consult factory for current lead times).

Product Features

  • Door Structure Type: Perimeter Stile and Rail
  • Midrail: Horizontal Midrail
  • Door Structure Material Type: Pultruded Fiberglass Tubing 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" square, 1/8' wall thickness
  • Stile/Rail Glass Content (Glass to Resin Ratio): 50% (1:1)
  • #12 Sheet Metal Hinge Screw Pullout Resistance: 900lbs.
  • Lockset Reinforcement: Perforated Polymer Blocking and/or Minimum 20lb/ft3 Density Polymer Blocking
  • Closer Blocking: Minimum 20lb/ft3 Density Polymer Blocking and/or Perforated Polymer Blocking
  • Hinge Mortise Machined By Manufacturer: Standard
  • Standard Core Material: 3/8” Triangular Cell Phenolic Impregnated Kraft Honeycomb
  • International Building Code Chapter 26 Compliant Core Material: Yes
  • Door Skin Fiberglass Reinforcement: Bi-Directional Knitted Fiberglass Roving and Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat
  • Assembly Process: Fused By Press Molding
  • Window/Louvre Cutout Reinforcement: Pultruded Fiberglass Tube Molded In
  • Standard Window Profile Material: Pultruded Fiberglass Standard
  • Standard Window Profile: 45 Degree Sloped Stops
  • Standard Window Profile Attachment: Hidden Fasteners
  • Louvre Profile Material: Pultruded Fiberglass Standard
  • Fiberglass Louvre Profiles: V and Flat Blade
  • Lock Pocket Machined by Manufacturer: Standard
  • Color Coat Finish: Industrial Polyurethane Coating
  • Surface Sheen: Semi-Gloss
  • Color Availability: 3 Standard (White, Tan, or Gray), 24 Pre-Matched Colors, Custom Color Match Available
  • Warranty: Heavy Duty fiberglass doors shall be guaranteed for the life of the product against failure due to corrosion from the specific chemical environment named at the time of purchase. Tiger Doors are also guaranteed for the life of the product to meet the door industry standards for flatness. Furthermore all products are inspected prior to shipment and guaranteed against defective workmanship for a period of ten (10) calendar years after the date of purchase.

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