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Extreme Duty - Hurricane

Tiger Door has successfully tested its glazed and flush FRP door and frame units to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code (FBC), and the International Building Code (IBC) for hurricane rated openings. This product has been assigned Florida Product Approval Number FL7026 and is fabricated to Underwriters Laboratories manufacturing procedures ZHDL.R25222 and ZHCW.R25108.

In general, Tiger Door’s Extreme Duty UL Listed Hurricane/Severe Windstorm Door Series have passed for single swing and pair orientations incorporating our Screwless FRP Vision Light System glazed with hurricane rated glass and utilizing a variety of standard builders hardware.

Up to 1½ hour UL fire ratings available for flush single swing and pair orientations.

Please contact the factory for product rating availability based on your projects specific hurricane related needs.

These requirements include meeting specific design pressures up to and including +/- 150 pounds per square foot (225 psf over-pressure) and large missile impact resistance with no shutters required. These pressures can translate to protection from wind speeds in excess of 300 mph*.

* As determined by ASCE 7-98 “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.” Topographic, importance and wind directional factors not included.

Test standards used to evaluate the product to these various requirements include:

  • ASTM E1886/1996
  • ASTM E330
  • ASTM E331
  • ASTM E283
  • ANSI A250.13
  • AAMA 1304



PDF  Hurricane Rated Door and Frame Specification

PDF  Extreme Duty UL Listed Hurricane Windstorm Flyer

PDF  Painting and Repair of Doors

PDF  Cleaning and Care Recommendations

PDF  Field Machining Factory Recommendations

PDF  Hurricane Severe Windstorm Doors and Frames Installation